Welcome to MAJOR... a boutique label and record production company.  "BUBBLING UP FROM UNDERGROUND" our 1st compilation got 5 star reviews comparing it to the work of Bowie, Iggy / Stooges, Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Clash and other great artists! Up next is B.U.F.U. Pt. 2 and singles, EPs by TRASHBEAT, GEARFAB, THE SHADES and JSE out in the coming weeks as well as a new CHROME EP tba with albums to follow. The music features players from Blondie, Kooks, Banshees, Stranglers, K T Tunstall, Kelis, The Emotions, Unkle, Bryan Ferry, James White, etc... 

“Bubbling Up From the Underground ranks as 2015’s shiniest tucked-away gem… Marvelous”. Dave Cantrell -  Stereo embers magazine

"The music floored me -- how could these classic manifestations of glam and proto-punk have escaped my notice?... Bubbling Up blasts effervescence from first to last. A glorious surprise."    Greg Burk - Metal Jazz

"The style of the album is late 70s punk. Sometimes there’s a hint of funk, sometimes it’s hard rock, but this is music that would make The Clash and the Sex Pistols proud."  Rating: BAD-ASS!        R Brian Roser - That Music Mag