Major is dropping a series of cool releases. You will know us by the trail of records. We're eclectic so line-ups and genres blur with guests like Blondie's Clem Burke, ex Strangler Hugh Cornwell and Chrome to arguably the greatest underground rapper ever... Beans  

Major was formed by Steve Fishman, a musician, writer, artist and producer with credits spanning a Beatle to a Sex Pistol.     

Enjoy the music. Join the collective list. You can even buy stuff and invest in the arts.                        Check out our PATREON campaign.    "Support the arts while weaping wad wewards" Elmer Fudd.    

THE CAST: Steve - Bs, Gtrs, Kbds, Synths, bv. VOCALS: Johnny Trash, Hugh Cornwell, William Burroughs, Tim Buckley, Carina Round, Karime Kendra, Gregory Corso, Shawn Lee, Rob Gallagher DRUMS- Clem Burke, Denny Weston, Shawn Lee, Chris Bell, Brad Peet, Jesse Johnstone, Seve Sheldon, Chris Nakata, Brain KBDS: Paul Beard synth on “Toys”, Tom Livemore additional synth on “Ziggy Stardust” and “Helter Skelter” Jon Klein synth on “Spacebaby GTRS: Joe Kramer & Chris Stanco  on “Bullet 4 U” & “Come Slumming”, Jon Klein on “Spacebaby”. Tom Livemore on “Spheres”,  Shawn Lee also plays guitar on SHADES tracks and sitar on "Jackie Chan” BACKING VOCS: Pamela Hutchinson “Bullet 4U”, Irene Peet “Bullet 4U” & “Come Slumming”, Kirin & “Natasha on "Cool Me” SAX: Tracy Wanomae STUDIO STUDS YO: Thomas Johansen, Arno Bascunana, Chris Nakata, Kevin Dippold, Jon Klein, SF.