Welcome to MAJOR... multi-faceted, eclective collective and boutique label.  C'mon in, pull up a pew. We jam art-rock, post-alternative, glam, punk, artpop, psych, dance-punk, noise-rock, hip-hop, trip-hop and more... Classic to left-field. 

"BUBBLING UP FROM UNDERGROUND" our label compilation got 5 star reviews comparing it to Bowie, Iggy, Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Clash and other greats! Major features players from Blondie, Kooks, Banshees, Stranglers, The Emotions, Chrome, Unkle, Bryan Ferry, Black Grape, James Chance, etc... 

“Bubbling Up From the Underground ranks as 2015’s shiniest tucked-away gem. Marvelous!"  Dave Cantrell - Stereo Embers Magazine

"The music floored me -- how could these classic manifestations of glam and proto-punk have escaped my notice?... Bubbling Up blasts effervescence from first to last. A glorious surprise."  Greg Burk - Metal Jazz

"The style of the album is late 70s punk. Sometimes there’s a hint of funk, sometimes it’s hard rock, but this is music that would make The Clash and the Sex Pistols proud." Rating: BAD-ASS!   R Brian Roser - That Music Mag

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